Accesories to enhance your Airgun.

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A sample of these are shown below


  • Dowty Seals

    We hold a selection of dowty seals in stock

  • Filling whips

    We hold a selection of 450mm & 1m whips in stock

  • We hold in stock quick release fittings with blanking plug to allow you to measure cylinder pressure

  • Silicone grease

    Workshop size 60g , quality silicone lubricating grease ideal for lubricating O rings and other area's where silicone is the only suitable lubricant,

  • Cylinder Security Cradle

    Prevent your cylinder rolling around during transit with this lightweight effective cradle.

  • DIN 300bar Charging kit no hose.

    Push Button purge, DIN Charging Kit with NO Hose. Suitable for filling your Buddy Bottle directly from the outlet with the included seal. Fitted with a Removable Flow Restrictor.

  • Dust Cap for DIN 200 & 300 bar.

    Dust Cap for 200 - 300 bar DIN Fitting cylinders, Prevents contamination of the threads, and subsequent Damage.
    Available in Durable strong Plastic and Anodised aluminium.

  • Cylinder Carry Handle

    Carry your cylinder conveniently and comfortably with this Ultra Tough hard wearing cylinder carry handle. Offers additional protection to the valve.
    Available for M18 & M25 valve fittings.
    Easy DIY Fit.

  • AIr Gun Charging Set

    Airgun charging set with EN-144-1 type for use with 300bar DIN cylinder valve.
    Supplied with 50cm flexible hose which requires a suitable coupling. used in conjunction with airgun charging valve, NOT suitable for use with a diving submersible valve.

  • Air gun recharge cylinders. Various sizes and working pressures available.

  • Air gun recharge cylinders. Various sizes and working pressures available complete with filling whips

  • Variety of slips available