Outboard motor servicing / repair

We offer outboard servicing / repair to most makes of outboard, either bring the engine in or bring the boat with engine fitted.

This Suzuki needed extensive surgery to have new lower seals fitted, throttle cable replaced and full service before sale.

A tidy little 10hp undergoing remedial work in our workshop.

A nice little 2hp Honda 4 stroke awaiting pickup after service.


We offer GRP / Gelcoat repairs, either at our Premises or Mobile. Most gel coat repairs are undertaken in under 1 day. And currently we can only offer White Gel repairs.

Before.. Badly Damaged Planning Pad, caused by Improper launching and or Recovery Technique

After Gel coat restored to original condition. ready to give many more years service and prevent the dreaded osmosis.

Before. Keel guard peeling away from the Bow. Left like this it would eventually peel completely off.

After. Keel guard rebounded to Hull, to give many more years service